Methodology Spiderwebproject

We will use the systems theory as a research method for Spiderweb. We chose the spiderweb as a symbol for the interdependency of everything in the world. This is also expressed in the holistic and contextualised approach of the systems theory.

What is more, the system of input, throughput, output and feedback loop is matching the proceeding needs of our artistic research.

Below how we apply the systems theory to the Spiderweb project:

  • Input: The input consists of our team of artists, the artistic elements we start from, the equipment and all the other aspects we use to create and research as f.e. dance, music, video, space, time …
  • Throughput: residencies and creative work in the studio, all the elements coming together.
  • Output: We showcase the work-in-progress for a diverse audience, consisting of art lovers, artists of different genres and laymen. The audience consists of both people with Western and Indian background. We will gather interviews with the people of the audience in the form of (edited) videos and/or (extracts of) texts on the research website.
  • Feedback loop: We will take home the feedback we get from the community, and so start with a new situation of input. This feedback would be coming from the experts with whom we exchanged during our creation process, from the audience when showcasing our work-in-progress and from the (online) reactions on the interviews.
    At present we had several meetings with the artists since August 2019, one showcase of the work in progress in a studio, followed by a talk with the audience in June 2021 and one showcase in a park in September 2021. During the meetings as well as the rehearsal days, it became clear that we have a vibrant team of artists who complement each other. Each member gives valuable input and feedback.
    It is the purpose to have several more residences with the Spiderweb project. We want to ensure the research process by taking away the pressure of a premiere and giving the process the time it needs.

Dialogue and exchange is extremely important for us. Especially, since this creative research is part of a bigger research project where, as an artist with roots in other cultures, I search to connect with the society I am living in: the Western society. In short, I am in search of transcultural communication through art. Indian dance is, save for a few exceptions, a niche art. I wish to break from this idea by starting a dialogue with partners in the field, opening up a route towards the European art scene, which proves to be a necessary development before arriving to a newly finished product. Apart from being the dramaturg of Spiderweb, Katalin Trencsényi is Maya’s main mentor for all of her artistic research.

Spiderweb in specific wants to cross the cultural borders by departing from a concept (the spiderweb) and wiping out the limitative borders proposed by traditions. Moreover Spiderweb is not only a cross cultural project, it is also a cross-over of music, dance and video art. When crossing borders, communication is always key.
Dialogue can occur at different levels.