Artists Spiderwebproject

Maya Sapera ©Aaron Jackendoff

Maya Sapera is one of Flanders’ unique choreographers, who grew up with Indian and oriental dance. She treats her body as a source of dance and communication means in general and lets go of the specificity of traditions. Naturally, her body language reflects the traditions she grew up with, yet, in a personal embodiment.

Niko Himschoot

Niko has many facets. He is formed in video-art, camerawork, projection and dramaturgy. Through him the artists are questioning how technique in general and video-art in specific can interact with dance and music as an equal force.

Robbe Kieckens ©Patricedx 2017

Robbe combines his rich cultural heritage with the constant search of new sounds and rhythmic vocabulary in his playing. Moreover he has a long history working with dancers. He searches how rhythms and sounds can interact with the dance language being created, playing with cultural references, reinforcing them or rather transforming them.

Shanti De Bruyne

Shanti is an upcoming fashion and costume designer and a dance student. With her love for exploring different cultures she combines multi-cultural influences in her designs.